Have you used an Wicked van before? Click here     Are you using an Wicked van? Click here なぜいま意見を言わないといけないのか Why we have to say now.

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Dear Japanese community and supporters,


Hi, I’m Masa living in Australia.


There has been serious and controversial issues here in Queensland over vulgarly painted rental camper vans.

Please refer to the newspaper article


or google research by using “Japanese wicked van”


Since lack of information and the Japanese moderate character, so far no official claim raised from The Japanese.

Just imagine if these slogans were written in another language, someone could have been hurt or even worse. Please note this is not my intention or suggesting at all. What I want to say is we are the soft target and say nothing to a serious issue like this. Qeeensland government and the police are investigating this matter without our support. This is the best chance for us to change the way and for our future.

Please send your name(s), suburb and postcode so I can express our intention to the rest of the people.   banthevan@yahoo.co.jp


Bestest regards





I’m anti whaling:-)



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